Wanted Teachers in Assam Jatiya Bidyalay, Noonmati, Guwahati (Assam)

Wanted Teachers of Spoken English in Assam Jatiya Bidyalay, Noonmati, Guwahati on regular/contractual basis.

The candidate must have Assamese/ English medium schooling background, graduation with major/honours in English and proficiency in Spoken English.

Interested candidates may apply in AJB’s exclusive application form.

The form may be downloaded from AJB’s website www.assamjatiyabidyalay.com  and the filled-in form may be sent by email to   or deposited in the school office on or before 22.11.2014

No photostat copies of any certificate are to be submitted along with application form.

List of candidates for the interview, date and time will be uploaded in the AJB website www.assamjatiyabidyalay.com  on 25.11.2014.



Assam Jatiya Bidyalay

Management Committee.